Trade Crypto Africa

Achieving Your Dreams.....Earning 10000% percent of your deposited capital


How can I invest with Trade Crypto Africa ?

To make an investment you must first make deposit into our Payeer   account or by making deposit  into our bitcoin address details as stated on this website.

Which e-currencies do you accept?
We accept Payeer and Bitcoins.

How can I withdraw funds?
Your payment will be paid into your account as provided by you via mail after making deposite to our Payeer account or Bitcoin Wallet. your 10000% percent of your initial deposited capital will be paid into your account after making the deposit into your accout our Trading Department will Contact  Your via mail and Calling to notify you of the deposit made to your account.

How do you calculate the interest/dividend on my account?

All you need to do is to calculate by 10000% percent our company is given on each invested capital.
Can I make an additional deposit to Trade Crypto Africa  once i have made a deposit before?
Yes, you can re-investment but re-investing please do email us so that our technical support tearm will claerify it..

Can I lose my money?

We guarantee you a safety of your fund, every business has a possibility of losing.... but we as a company we are not only doing one investment trade we are into 6 different invest both online and offline.
if forex fails or we lose in forex, i don't think there's any possibility to lose in other of our investments. so if forex fails we can lose in export all the business we invest or investors money can not collapse at ones therefore we guarantee you a safety of your invested capital.
Who manages the funds?
These funds are managed by a team of Trade Crypto Africa experts.

What is the minimum amount i can invest with Trade Crypto Africa

If you are investing using perfect money the minimum amount you are to invest is $300 Dollars

What is the maximum amount i can invest with Trade Crypto Africa

If you are investing using Bitcoin the maximum amount accepted by our company is $500,000 Dollars

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